Stretch Away Your Bunion Pain

So, bunions are everywhere. They have even hit Facebook. There is a Bunion Support Group community page where people can post pictures of deformed toes, tout cures, and—as one post said—“ugly cry” on the virtual shoulders of fellow sufferers. If this bump has appeared on the inside of your foot and you have bunion pain, you can do more than post on social media: you can do some stretches to relieve the discomfort and help your toe to function better.

Try doing some of these toe stretches and exercises every day:

Another great way to strengthen and stretch your toes is to head out to one of South Carolina’s wonderful beaches and take a barefoot walk in the sand. The gentle massage helps relieve pain, and walking in sand also helps build muscle strength. Hopefully doing some of these activities will help relieve your bunion pain, but if not, call Coastal Podiatry, LLC in Mt. Pleasant and set up an appointment with Dr. Rahn Ravenell so you can enjoy life without foot pain.



Dr. Rahn A. Ravenell

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