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Having flat feet is a normal condition gained at birth with the development of arches coming afterwards. There are some people who do not develop arches, or else they collapse which can interfere with their daily lives and activities. Coastal Podiatry offers corrections for flat feet, including surgical repair, for patients in and around Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Flat Feet Surgery Q&A

What is Flat Feet in Children?

Normally, arches do not begin to appear until children start standing. Up to that point, children have what is known as flexible flatfoot, which means that when they sit, their arch disappears and only when they stand and put pressure on the bottom of the foot does the arch form. This is typical and will continue until around the arch fully forms around the age of five. However, sometimes the arches never fully form.

What is Adult Acquired Flatfoot?

Sometimes flat feet shows up in adulthood later in life as the arch collapses. There are many different reasons an arch may fall including nerve problems, rheumatoid arthritis, broken bones, obesity, pregnancy, diabetes, torn or damaged tendons, or deformities and abnormalities that have been present since birth. Sometimes fallen arches can cause feet to become tired easily, swell, or be tender and sore. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you may want to visit a podiatrist to seek treatment.

What are the Treatments for Flat Feet?

Once you are positively diagnosed with flatfoot as the issue for your pain, treatment options can be discussed. Options range from conservative treatment to more invasive depending on your specific situation. Usually, treatment starts with resting and icing the feet. It is also typical to try some physical therapy and stretching exercises that might help with the underlying issues of the pain. A doctor’s care could involve the recommendation of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication or custom orthotics to help ease the pressure off the foot and offer support for the lack of an arch. If necessary, injections can be used to decrease inflammation and pain. There have been some instances of very severe cases where surgery has been necessary. There are different kinds of surgeries for fallen arches, each with their own level of severity and risk factors. Dr. Rahn Ravenell is a specialist in reconstructive surgery for adult and pediatric flat feet.

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